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Apparently there's a show in the Outside World called "Ninja Warrior" where the strongest humans compete to conquer brutally difficult obstacle courses. It seems a certain gap youkai has been watching a bit too much of it recently...

Gensokyo Ninja Warrior is a game with Touhou-style flight controls, but platforming-style objectives. Each level is made up of a series of courses, and the rules are simple: Reach the goal and don't get shot.

You'll have to tackle each level with a team of characters, each with a unique ability. But there's a catch: Each character can only be used on one course, so choose which ability you want to use for each course wisely.

Of course, clearing a level is only the first step: With gameplay geared towards scraping out the best completion time possible and four difficulty modes, there's plenty of room for mastery. Who knows, maybe you'll even get better at the main series Touhou games along the way!

Programming and game design by me. Art and visual design by Copper Chihuahua (https://copperchihuahua.itch.io/). Music and sound design by Karamitasu (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs0Iezm5CVy93EIRi_CTr0Q).

Install instructions

Simply download the zip file, extract all files to the same location, and run the executable to play. Recommended resolution is 1024x768; other resolutions will work, but may exhibit minor visual oddities.


Gensokyo_Ninja_Warrior_B4.zip 43 MB

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